In 2010, Ashton Nolley made the kind of decision that many struggle to make. She closed the doors on a successful business to pursue a venture more closely aligned with her deepest passion. The new business (NTempo™) leverages the core talents of the former business (IdentityWorks®) through the lens of music-branding. To understand how Ashton arrived at her new focus is to trace music’s threads back through her life.

Ever since childhood, Ashton has been creating and singing music. If there was something to say, she always preferred to express it through a catchy melody. Both parents enjoyed listening to music and exposed her to a variety of music genres by way of church, Broadway and a variety of musical productions. Ashton fell in love with jazz, as her father was a drummer in numerous jazz combos. Her favorites were the “big band-style swing” sounds.

Ashton will be the first to say that there are many vocal and entertaining talents around the world. Her greatest contribution to music comes as a composer. In particular, she has developed a knack for commercial production. As she tells her clients, a product-merchandising catalyst is what most songs were intended to be when Cole Porter and the like were composer-lyricists. Remember a successful music brand commands our attention and engages our affections.

On June 12, 1991, Ashton performed at the White House Ellipse. Her original composition, America, Can You Hear Me? is now an official part of the Congressional Record (102nd Congress, Volume 137, Number 90). Today, the song continues to raise awareness of the selfless sacrifices made each day by the brave men and women of our Armed Forces.

NTempo™ fuses Ashton Nolley’s original music talents to 20 years of experience in advertising and brand consulting. Where IdentityWorks® established Ashton as a strategic thinker par excellence in the commercial and political arena; NTempo™ introduces her as one of the nation’s great commercial composers. Established and challenger brands alike will thrive under Ashton’s direction and creativity.

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