Track Listing

Here’s a new jazz record which I’m progressing.
Melody, Lyrics & Vocals by E. Ashton Nolley (for presentation purposes only).
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      Life Is Extraordinary

Let’s never forget how life truly is…

      Into The Night

A dance song for all occasions.

      Cherry On A Sunny Sunday

Celebrating the memory of my beloved canines Art, Gracie and Pumpkin — and all those precious gifts from heaven (dogs!)

      Something Old, Something New

A wedding duet.

      Ain't Got Love (But A Whole Lot Of Money)

Diamonds are, indeed, a gal’s best friend.

      Anything is Possible

My view on life and friends that hopefully will lift everyone’s spirit!

      New Orleans She Captured My Soul

Let’s never forget — and continue to visit, inhabit and help rebuild — a treasured city.


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